Certain circumstances make it impossible for pet owners to keep their pets with them. It may not be possible for you to spend enough time with your dog because of your job, family obligations, or conferences that you need to arrange and attend. This leaves you with no choice but to find a dog sitter or a doggie daycare facility.

You may have a difficult time locating a reliable doggy sitter. It will be challenging for you to invite a stranger into your house while you are away. You may not have a family member who is knowledgeable enough in dog care to handle your dog’s feeding and training while you are gone.

The best way to leave your dogs in capable hands when you’re not home is to entrust them to a pet boarding facility. Pet boarding facilities and hotels in Plano, Texas, such as Pets Are Inn, guarantee the safety of your dogs when you are too busy. You can have total confidence and assurance that your pets are being adequately cared for in a safe setting and that they’re in good hands.

This article will explain why dog boarding has grown into a popular alternative for dog owners in Texas.

What is Dog Boarding?

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A dog boarding facility is a temporary place for your dog to stay while you are gone. A dog boarding facility, like a daycare for children, allows pet owners to drop off their dogs for a set length of time while they are under the supervision and care of trained experts.

These specialists serve as parents for your pet throughout the boarding process, ensuring that your dog is adequately cared for until you return to pick them up. This will involve giving your puppy fun, exercise, and activities as well as meals or medication (if necessary) based on your specifications.

It will also involve making sure your puppy feels at home. Include your dog’s favorite food, blankets, and toys to help ensure a stress-free stay. If everything your dog likes and wants is available, he’ll be at ease while staying at the dog boarding facility. 

Benefits of Dog Boarding In Plano, TX 

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Provides Your Dog With the Opportunity to Socialize With Other Pets

The benefit of doggie boarding is that it gives your dog the chance to mingle and make new friends. Dogs are emotional creatures and will enjoy wonderful company because they are sociable animals.

Your dog won’t be confined in a boarding kennel when staying at a dog boarding facility. In a pet boarding facility, they have the chance to play with other dogs and meet new friends. Boarding your dog restores their pack instincts and allows them to connect with other dogs.

Playtime and Exercise For Your Pets

Sometimes you just have to let your dog savor the companionship of other dogs. It will be easier for them to adapt to new circumstances and locations if they have access to outdoor space, have contact with other canines, and live in a healthy environment.

Your dog will enjoy a lot of fun at a dog boarding facility, from dog races to open playtime in dog playgroups.

Experts at dog boarding facilities provide interesting concepts that help your dog develop strength, courage, and obedience. It’s more than just a day in the facility with splash pool parties, canine spas, Frisbee toys, and pup pageants. It’s time for a dog vacation!

Vaccination and Nutrition Regulations for Dogs

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During the registration, skilled dog care personnel will ask questions about your dog’s vaccines, healthcare regimen, and nutrition plans. It is critical to keep your puppy healthy throughout its stay at the dog boarding facility.

When dropping off their dogs to board, owners must furnish the boarding facility with their pets’ favorite food. This will guarantee that the dog’s nutrition remains constant, making for a less distressing and more enjoyable stay.

Active Monitoring

Our staff has received training to provide excellent care and attention to your dog’s requirements. We understand your concerns regarding your dog’s well-being while you are away.

Dogs can instantly detect a dog person. They are extremely bright and have no trouble connecting with an animal-loving staff member. This makes it simpler to reassure them of their safety even when you aren’t there. All playtime is watched over by several staff members to ensure optimal safety and qualified supervision of the animals in our care.

Safety Precautions

A dog boarding facility is typically equipped with security measures as well as protocols and procedures that eliminate any risks to your furry friend. This is done to make sure the dogs are not put in any danger.

In addition to having staff members who have received training in pet first aid, the facility must have an emergency medical policy that specifies when a dog needs to see a veterinarian, which will ensure that your dog is secure while you are gone, giving you peace of mind.

Prevents Loneliness and Anxiety

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Dog boarding places your dog in the care of friendly personnel who make sure they get the love and attention they deserve. The personnel at a dog boarding facility is trained in dog management so that they can address any problems with dogs effectively.

Additionally, allowing your dog to play with other dogs or interact one-on-one with staff members ensures that they receive the attention they require to maintain a positive outlook.

Provides You With More Time for Emergencies 

You just got a call from pals who need you to get to town for an urgent matter. Dog boarding facilities allow for urgent bookings and reservations at the last moment.

While we look after your dogs, you can always visit a distant relative or a member of your family who needs your immediate attention.

The Ideal Solution For Busy Dog Owners

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Because of how hectic life can get, you run the risk of losing both your pet and yourself. Your relationship with your pet may suffer greatly as a result of your busy lifestyle, meetings at work, and an increase in your family’s size and needs. Dog boarding has the advantage of caring for your dog while you handle your hectic schedule.

Helps You Save Money

Many pet owners are hesitant to send their dogs to dog boarding. The expense of dog boarding facilities is not as high as most people believe. The price is reasonable.

The fees are dependent on how many days or how many hours the dog’s owner wishes to have the pet stay there. There are numerous boarding establishments; however, at Pets Are Inn, we make sure that our rates are reasonable and offer good value.


Dog boarding has several advantages. Anytime you need to board your dog, whether for a long trip, a special occasion, or a mental health vacation, you may do so with complete confidence. Looking for a Plano, Texas, boarding facility? Dog boarding is available at Pets Are Inn in Plano, Texas. Contact us today!