Why Do You Provide Transportation?

Our goal is to provide the least amount of stress for your pet. We have found that the best transition for your family member is for one of our Pet Chauffeurs to escort your pup to his ‘Home Away From Home’. We take special care to introduce your pet to the Host Family. We allow him/her to get comfortable with the home inside and out. We observe him/her in this new environment to make sure he/she will adjust nicely. If not we always have an alternate Host. We take inventory of his/her belongings so that we get them back to you at the end of the vacation. We also have found that it is much less stressful when we, instead of the pet parent, introduce the Host Family to their guests. Dogs pick up on your uneasiness which often makes them a bit nervous. Say ‘bye bye’ to them at the front door and leave the rest to us.

Pet Sitting Q&A

Can I Meet The Host?
Sometimes due to privacy issues, most hosts appreciate the anonymity of taking pets through Pets Are Inn. Many of the Host families are retired persons, stay-at-home moms, or individuals who work from home. It is also disruptive to the pet they are taking care of. We can give you information about the family that your pet is staying with. For example: make-up of the family unit, location, how long hosting with Pets Are Inn, any children or pet they may have, hours away from home, etc. After our initial meeting, if you still need to meet the host, we will try to arrange a meeting.
How Do We Check Up On Our Pet?
You can call or email 8 am – 8pm any day to check up on your pet.
Do You Take Care Of Older Pets Or Pets With Special Needs?
We try to accommodate all requests so please inform the office of your needs to determine if we have an appropriate home. (This may include: seizures, pill administration, blindness or impaired vision, deafness, limited steps or ability to walk, etc.) There may an extra daily charge dependent upon needs. Some of our Host Families are knowledgeable in treating diabetic pets.
How Do I Know You Will Take Proper Care Of My Pet?
All of our host families are animal lovers. They are caring for pets because they love them. Yes, we do pay them, but they are not going to make mortgage payments with their earnings. Remember, we usually allow them one family’s pet(s) at a time.. Whenever we’re in the home dropping off or picking up pets; we monitor for cleanliness, safety, and attitude toward each pet. Each host passed an initial phone screening and then an interview in their home. Each home was checked for safety and security as well as their experience with pets. We would never give your pet to a home that we had not thoroughly checked out. Feel free to review our online testimonials for customer feedback.
How Do You Find Your Host Families?
Our Host Families go through a screening process to ensure that your pet is in a pet-loving, secure environment. Some of our Host Families have been referred by other Host Families. Some Hosts were former clients who lost their pet. Some are clients who would like a companion for their pet. All enjoy the companionship of pets and are interested in providing your pet a comfortable home-away-from-home. If a Host has a pet, that pet is passive, non-alpha personality , loves to be with other dogs. Many hosts do not have any dogs or cats of their own but love pets and are willing to open their home to guests.
What Happens If My Pet Becomes Ill?
We always attempt to contact you or your emergency contact person first. If your pet should get sick during normal clinic hours we will contact the clinic that you have given us. If it is during non-office hours then we will contact the emergency vet clinic.
Will My Dog Be Kept In A Cage?

Our hosts do not have cages. If your pet normally uses a kennel, send it along. Your pet is transported in kennels for their safety. If your pet is destructive, chews a lot or is incontinent, we strongly recommend that a kennel is sent. Sometimes a baby gate may be used to block off the staircase or other room.

What Comes After the Interview of My Pet?
Once the interview process is over with a new client, I often get asked, “So… what do I do now?”

There are a few steps that you should take to prepare your pet for their first stay with Pets Are Inn. No worries, it’s nothing too difficult and some of it might be fun!

Step One: Tell your pet! They are going to be going to a new place with a new person! It’s only polite to let them know in a gentle and calm voice that they are going to be going on a special vacation soon. Maybe throw in a belly rub to make them feel special!

Step Two: Check their health and vaccination readiness. Are there any recent health changes that we should know about before boarding? Are they up to date on their rabies and distemper vaccinations? Pets Are Inn also accepts titer test results and vaccination allergies if confirmed by a veterinarian.

Step Three: Write may write a letter to their host family. Even though we give them a data sheet from your interview, many hosts like to have a letter to refer to for specific instructions from the owner! It is helpful to go over your pet’s normal routine and habits so the host family can be prepared. Are there any specific details that you glossed over during your in person interview with Pets Are Inn? Those are the perfect things to include so your host family can keep the same routine with your pet that you do at home! The more detail you can give, the better it is for everyone, especially your dog or cat or other furry family member. You can either email this to our office in advance or have it ready for our driver at pick-up. Make sure your personal contact information is not included!

Step Four: Packing! Go over your pet’s normal routine again in your head again. Do you have anything he or she might need for this stay? Double and triple check that you are more than enough food. Sometimes trips need to be extended and we don’t want to run out of their food. If your pet might get anxious, it is sometimes useful to also pack along an unwashed clothing item or blanket that still holds your scent. Your pet can now smell this item (and you) and feel a bit more “at home”! If your pet sleeps in or uses a kennel, please send it along if it is small or collapsible.

Step Five: How will we get in touch with you in case of an emergency? Make sure to have your travel information and emergency contact information ready to give to the driver when we come to pick your pet up! Emergencies are extremely rare, but we always need a way to contact you just in case.

Step Six: We want you to have a stress free travel experience at least where your furry buddy is concerned.

Any question, please give us a call.

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