As a responsible pet owner, ensuring top-notch care for your beloved companion, especially during out-of-town trips or vacations, is paramount. Opting for one-on-one pet care services, including grooming, boarding, and sitting, becomes essential. If you’re seeking such services in Plano, Texas, look no further. At Pets Are Inn, we specialize in pet boarding.

Look into the benefits of one-on-one pet care below.

Personalized Attention

One-on-one pet care guarantees undivided attention from the caregiver or sitter, a luxury often lacking in boarding facilities where numerous animals vie for care. By choosing Pets Are Inn in Plano, Texas, you provide a nurturing environment where your pet receives tailored attention, fostering comfort and relaxation while averting stress and fear.

Particularly beneficial for young, elderly, anxious, or ailing pets with specific dietary requirements, one-on-one care ensures comprehensive and attentive treatment. Our pet sitters prioritize your pet’s needs, offering holistic care to ensure their well-being and your peace of mind throughout your absence.

Prevent Infection Outbreaks

Pets housed in overcrowded boarding facilities are susceptible to cross-infections and parasites. Opting for one-on-one pet care mitigates this risk, as the pet sitter tends to only one pet at a time.

At Pets Are Inn, our meticulous cleaning practices after each use of the environment ensure a safe, infection-free space for your pet. Specialized care minimizes exposure to infections, making it suitable for young, elderly, or ailing pets, as well as various breeds.


Pet Playtime and Exercise in Allen, Texas with Pets Are Inn for active entertainment

One-on-one pet care offers convenience for pet owners, with the option for pet pickup and drop-off. This stress-free arrangement is particularly beneficial for busy pet owners unable to spare time for boarding facility visits.

At Pets Are Inn, one-on-one pet care unfolds in the cozy confines of the pet sitter’s home, with scheduling flexibility tailored to your needs. This service is ideal for pet owners with demanding schedules who struggle to visit boarding facilities during business hours.

Healthy Nutrition

Meeting your pet’s dietary requirements is crucial, with different pets needing specific nutritional needs met. Puppies, elderly dogs, and those with health issues require tailored diets.

Table scraps are ill-advised for cats and dogs due to their high sodium, garlic, and onion content, which can harm their health. With one-on-one pet care services, rest assured your pet receives the correct amount of food, without overfeeding or excessive treat-giving, promoting their well-being.

Fresh Drinking Water

Pets require fresh water daily for survival. Opting for a one-on-one pet care service ensures your pet receives clean, replenished water throughout the day. The caregiver or sitter will refill their water bowl at least twice daily, promoting your pet’s health, coolness, and hydration.


Doggy Daycare and Socialization in Garland, Texas with Pets Are Inn for canine companionship

Entrusting your pet’s care to a reputable service like Pets Are Inn in Plano, Texas, is essential for their safety and well-being, especially during your absence. Leaving pets alone at home poses risks of accidents or injuries. At Pets Are Inn, pets are kept indoors, ensuring their safety, particularly in colder climates. Additionally, it’s crucial to equip your pet with a tag and microchip containing updated contact information.

Bathroom Breaks

Many pets can be trained for indoor roaming without accidents. Cats require a litter box, while dogs’ bathroom needs vary with age. For instance, a 3-month-old puppy needs a break every four hours, while elderly dogs need more frequent breaks. At Pets Are Inn, proper bathroom breaks are facilitated, whether through doggy doors, potty pads, or scheduled walks.

At Pets Are Inn, your pet receives attentive care in a loving environment. They enjoy walks and a clean sleeping area, with hygiene and sanitation practices followed diligently to prevent illness-causing dirt and bacteria.

Regular Exercise

Pets Are Inn - Pre-screened Private Homes for Pet Care in Plano, Texas

Pets require regular exercise to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. Socialization is also vital, ensuring they can interact comfortably with guests or pet sitters when needed. Developing these skills helps prevent anxiety during stays at a pet sitter’s home.

Medical Care

Pet sitters can administer prescribed diets and medications, ensuring proper medical care. In case of emergencies, they can promptly take pets to the veterinarian. Regular grooming, including baths, brushing, nail trimming, and parasite removal, is essential for pet health.

At Pets Are Inn, we offer comprehensive pet care services, ensuring your pet’s well-being during your absence.

If you’re seeking one-on-one pet care services in Plano, Texas, Pets Are Inn provides personalized care and pet boarding. For more information, contact us at 972-424-8400 or email Choose Pets Are Inn for exceptional pet care services. Contact us today!