If you have a pet, chances are you’ll have to leave it behind for a weekend getaway, an exotic holiday, or a visit with Grandma. You’ll want to make the best arrangements for your pet’s care whether you regularly travel for work or perhaps once a year. This can be a challenging part of travel planning for some pet owners.

Pets and their owners are all different. Some pets seem to appreciate the change of scenery and quickly settle into their boarding routine. Others are resentful of their owners, avoid eating, and are generally unhappy throughout their stay. Similarly, some pet owners have no reservations about leaving their animals in boarding facilities, while some can help but be anxious.

In this article, we’ll look at the difference between Pet Boarding and In-Home Pet Care and how to choose the best option for your pet. 

Traditional Pet Boarding Facility

If you haven’t gone to a pet boarding facility recently, you might be surprised by the available options. While some facilities still prefer long rows of kennels, advancements have been made in the pet boarding industry.

If your pet is trained to stay in the crate, keeping him or her in a cage or kennel while away from home will most likely make him or her feel safer. However, staying in a cage or kennel can feel like jail for pets who haven’t been crate-trained. Many boarding kennels are aware of this and have modified their animal care procedures.

Some boarding facilities house pets in spacious spaces where they can socialize and interact. While this may be an excellent option for many pets, it is not without danger. The employee in charge of the kennel must have prior experience working with animals of unique personalities.

Before leaving your pet in a facility that allows animals to stay in public areas, pay a visit to see if the animals appear peaceful and happy. Shaking, itching, refusing to eat, avoiding eye contact, and biting or growling are all signs of stress in dogs. Spraying, pacing, pulling at fur, and excessive meowing are all signs of stress in a cat.

How Pets Adjust to Pet Boarding Facilities

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Several things will affect how your pet adjusts to boarding. Many dogs like their stay at a boarding facility, but others lose their appetites and yearn to return home. Cats are both good and bad clients. They dislike change and travel in general. Therefore, they may be dissatisfied with a boarding facility.

You could think that intense longing for you causes your pet’s suffering at a boarding facility. However, there are numerous more reasons why a pet may dislike the kennel. A dog used to getting plenty of outdoor exercises may be good for a short while at a kennel, but any longer will demand more physical activity than a small run can provide. A dog accustomed to eating table scraps every night may stop eating in protest of the bland diet.

If you want to give them goodies, give pet treats rather than table scraps. Then, drop them off at the boarding facility with a package of those goodies. Like a little child, your pet may refuse to share, and the other pets may try to compel him to share. Everything is shared property in an open boarding setting. You can still send special treats, but remember that the other animals will most likely get some as well.

In-Home Pet Boarding

Your dog(s) are, naturally, your most cherished creatures on the planet. Therefore, it’s tough to leave them in the hands of others for an extended period.

While it may be difficult to leave them with others, even for a short time, leaving them in traditional dog boarding facilities where they will be kept with a large number of unfamiliar dogs and animals is not the best idea. With a few exceptions, sanitation and safety in facilities like those cannot be guaranteed. So, the best thing you can do for your pet is to leave them somewhere where they will be comfortable, safe, and receive individual attention.

In-home dog boarding is the best solution for you. This is when you leave your dog at the house of a pet sitter so that they can care for your dog until you complete your engagements and return your dog to you when you are ready. This is an effective strategy to ensure that your dog is as comfortable and cared for as possible during the brief time that they are away from you. 

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Choosing in-home dog boarding can provide your dog with several guaranteed benefits, including the following:

Sufficient food and water

In-home dog boarding ensures that your pet gets enough food and water on time. In-home boarding hosts will also keep an eye out for any other special needs your dog may have and give them the same food you do (if specified). You can also let them know about their potty breaks and overall schedule so that their day runs smoothly even if you are not physically present.

Personalized care

The host will ensure that your dog is treated with the highest care and concern. You can also tell them about your dog’s habits and preferences so they know how to go about it. While sitters in kennels are responsible for too many dogs in one place, in-home pet boarding eliminates that side of the problem, allowing you to specify all of your needs and be stress-free regarding your dog’s overall wellness.

Regular exercise

You cannot afford to let your dog go without an exercise program just because you are not with them. Because exercise is such an important component of your dog’s health and routine, hiring a private dog boarding service can ensure that your dog gets a walk and/or meets their daily and weekly exercise goals.


You don’t have to fear your dog getting into mischief and injuring themselves when they have a reliable pet host by their side at all times. You can tell the pet host which conditions will delight your dog and which will cause them to become aggressive and reckless. This can help avoid unpleasant scenarios and ensure your dog’s safety at all times.

No cages

In-home pet boarding ensures that your dog is never caged, except when necessary (or when you particularly requested it). They will have complete freedom to wander and play as they like. This way, they will stop associating your vacation time with time spent in prisons and quit dreading it.

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