Do you have an upcoming vacation? You may be planning to take your fur baby along. But did you know there are various options for your dog while you are away?

Pet boarding is a lodging facility for your four-legged friends. Some call it pet hotels, doggy daycare, or kennels. It is similar to daycare for kids, but you can leave your pet for an extended stay. If you are going to be away for a night or a weekend, don’t worry. There is no need to stress over which relative or friend to leave your furry companion.

The pet boarding industry has evolved over the years. Today, different types of facilities board your cat when you need it. It gives you a more comprehensive range of options. You can pick the one that suits your pet’s needs the most.

What are the Different Types of Pet Boarding?

Dog Kennels

Dog kennels are traditional pet boarding facilities. When you bring your furry friend, they will assign an area for it. Some pet owners prefer to keep their dogs detached from other dogs. Perhaps their hound or mouser is aggressive, small, meek, or not friendly or pleasant. 

The designated area for each dog can be around 8×8 ft. The caregivers will take your dog for a walk, and potty needs four to six times a day.

Cat Boarding

Cat boarding centers are comparable to dog kennels.  Here, the felines are placed in their separate area. Some facilities put them in cages, while others have cage-free condos or suites.

There are also choices for individual spaces or group areas for the cats.  Group areas usually include a lounge room and sunroom. The outside windows and bird feeders function as the cats’ entertainment while they are boarded.

Doggy Daycare

Most doggy daycare takes your dog for several hours during the day. Some of these facilities offer pet boarding as well. Typically, these centers are supervised by a trained staffer. It provides an open area where canines can roam and play with one another.

There are doggy daycare facilities that put pets in isolated and caged areas for a few hours of the day and then let them roam in an open play area with other dogs for the rest of the time. At night, they can either sleep in groups or stay in private rooms where they’re in crates.

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Pet Hotels

As the name implies, this pet boarding provides more luxurious accommodation. It can just be a kennel or cage-free boarding. However, there are a few instances in which they don’t live up to their name. 

Veterinary Office

If your dog or cat has medical needs, boarding in a veterinary office is ideal.  Here, cats are usually in a cage, while multiple dogs are in a large run. Every four-legged get several walks a day.

Private Pet Boarding

This type delivers a great alternative to traditional kinds of pet boarding in private. This in-house boarding offers a more intimate setting with fewer to no other animals, depending on your preference. But in general, your furry companion will get more playtime and attention.

What Are the Advantages of Boarding Your Pet?

Pet boarding has many benefits that you and your fur baby can reap. If you are going away on an extended holiday, business trip, or weekend getaway, bringing your furry friend to a pet boarding facility brings you fewer worries, knowing that your furry companion is in excellent care and condition.

They have the opportunity for socialization.

Dogs are instinctively pack animals. Allowing them to play and interact with other dogs can be a tremendous advantage for improving their behavior and socialization skills. Boarding your canine will enable them to interact and socialize with other dogs and humans in a safe and sheltered environment.

If your cat is a social butterfly, they will be placed in an environment that suits them. They will have a great time and indirectly improve their health by cultivating social connections, which is good for their long-term well-being.

Choose a facility that would create positive experiences for your pet as much as you can, even when you’re away.  Ensure that your feline receives adequate attention each day. Doing this will prevent them from becoming anxious during their stay.

Your pets get playtime and exercise.

Cage-free facilities offer plenty of exercise from walking, hiking, running, and playing outdoors or indoors. Your four-legged pal can have fun and enjoy themselves in the open spaces.

Should your furry companion prefer a more solitary environment, the facilities can put them in a space with more privacy and quiet until they are more comfortable mingling with their peers.

They’ll receive superb care.

Big kennels, daycare, and veterinary clinics can provide professional pet care. Boarding with them gives you peace of mind, knowing that your precious pup is being taken care of by people with proper training and experience to care for your canine or feline pal.

Private pet boarding may not promise a professional level of care, but they devote their time to providing your four-legged friend with the care and companionship they need during their stay. It is the kind of care you give your cat or dog at home. They will play and interact with them, bathe them, walk them, and take them on hikes.

You are sure your fur baby is secured in their own space for all types of pet boarding. They can relax comfortably without the need to feel threatened. You can rest assured that you have provided them security while away.

Routine is continued.

Most pet boarding facilities implement a routine structure. Exposure to a routine is excellent, whether your cat or dog has one. Their schedule includes the specific time for feeding, cleaning, sleeping, exercising, and socializing.

When you board your four-legged pal, you ensure they receive proper nutrition during their stay. They will be fed on a regular schedule based on their dietary needs. Caregivers also ensure that all pets have an adequate water supply to keep them hydrated.

You keep the privacy of your home.

By bringing your fur baby to a boarding facility, no strangers need to come to your home to watch your pet while you’re away.  If you hire a dog or cat sitter, they will get access to your keys and other codes at your home.  You will have limited control should the pet sitter decide to bring other people to your home.

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As a responsible fur parent, you must ensure the safety and comfort of your dog or cat while you’re away. If you have second thoughts about pet hotels, kennels, and traditional pet boarding facilities, why not try private pet boarding?

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