There are times that you need to leave town and determining where to leave your dog can be challenging. Whether you are leaving for vacation or there are situations that force you to be separated from your dog for a longer period of time, there are several factors that you have to consider to make sure that your dog is taken care of.

This is very important if your pet is having severe separation anxiety or behavioral issues. You should not take this lightly, instead, you have to plan this carefully. Fortunately, in this modern day, there are now a lot of options that can are perfect for your needs as well as your pet.

The following are some of the important things that you need to think about when you are faced with leaving your dog while you are away.

Will Your Dog Think That You Abandoned Them?

If you need to go out of town then it is understandable that you will feel worried that your pet might think that you abandoned them. This can be a great concern if your pet has separation anxiety. Since dogs are social animals, leaving them will certainly have a great effect on them. On the other hand, they are also very adaptable, which means that they can adjust when you are not around as long as there is an adequate amount of preparation.

One of the most important things to consider is that dogs can sense your emotional hints. If you feel anxious and worried about going away, then they can pick up that energy. As a result, they will also feel anxious and worried.

Depending on what type of arrangement you choose for their care, there are a lot of things that you can do to make this a better experience for both of you. You could choose to spend more time with them so they can feel some love before your departure. If you are getting someone unfamiliar to take care of them, then you have to ensure that they meet in advance to that they cannot feel cautious to a complete stranger. It is also a great idea to leave them with a familiar item, such as your blanket or shirt, so that even if you are gone, they can still feel your presence.

There are several tips and tricks that you can do, so be sure to put them to work, if necessary before you leave so that you and your pet can feel as comfortable as possible when you are away.

Feeling Anxiety About Leaving Your Dog While You are Away?

As stated above, your dog can sense when you do not feel at ease. It is absolutely normal to feel anxious and emotional about leaving your pet. However, it is also important that you should do your best not to show your feelings while you are around them. This is because it can worsen the situation, not only for you but also for your pet.

If you can’t help feeling anxious or upset, then you should take some deep breaths and be sure not to express those feelings to your pet. You could cuddle them on the couch or take them outside and play fetch. This can help in making you feel better, at the same time, it can also enhance your bonding time before leaving them, which is necessary.

Where Should You Leave Your Dog When You Go Away?

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Now, after addressing the feelings that you and your pet might feel before you leave, the next thing to do is to explore your options and fortunately, there is a plethora. There are several things that you have to consider before making this important decision. This includes your dog’s potential health situation, your dog’s attitude, your budget, etc. So, let’s check what might or might not work for you when you go on a trip.

Should You Leave Your Dog at Home?

If you are worried that your pet will not be able to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings, then it’s best to leave your dog at home. By letting them stay at your home, they are going to have their own space along with their own things, this can make them feel comfortable while you are not around. This can be possible in different ways.

Keep in mind that leaving your dog in your home for a long period of time without care might not be a good idea. Regardless of if you have provided them with their basic necessities such as food and water, they might get frequent bathroom breaks. At the same time, there are a couple of things that might go wrong and if there is no one supervising them then it can be unsafe and dangerous for them.

With the numerous options that are available these days, it would be a good idea to look for someone that can take care of your dog at home or look for places where he can be taken care of while you are away.

Should You Look for a Family Dog Watcher?

If you are lucky enough to find a family member who is willing to take care of your dog at your home, then this would be an excellent option. Since your pet is already familiar with this person, there is no need for you to hire someone who is completely unfamiliar with your dog’s personality and attitude.

Just make sure to explain to your relative how you would like your pet to be taken care of so that there won’t be any issues while you are going away. For instance, they might implement some things which you are strict about such as feeding your pet from the table or letting them jump on you. As a result, this might cause anguish and conflict in your relationship. Consequently, a certain behavior might be enforced that you do not allow from your dog.

Having a responsible and reliable family member who is willing to take care of your furry friend might not be easy. However, even if you cannot find someone like this whenever you need them, there are always other ways that you can explore when it comes to caring for your pet.

Find Pet Sitting While You are Away

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If you cannot find a family member who is capable of taking care of your dog at home or is willing to travel with you to take care of your dog, then another option would be to look for someone else that can look after your dog while you are away.

There are companies out there such as Pets Are Inn, that can offer dog sitting while you are taking a trip.  This can give you peace knowing that your pet is well taken care of while you are away. However, you have to acquaint your pet with the person who will take care of him. Also, be sure to leave some important instructions, this would be a great help to the sitter. It can also make you feel comfortable, most especially if they can’t reach you. Let them know about your dog’s food and potty schedule, sleeping habits, favorite toys, medicine administration, as well as veterinarian contact details. The more information you provide the better.

Pets Are Inn can help you in taking care of your dog while you are away. We are located in Plano, Texas and for more information, you can call us at 972-424-8400 or send us an email at