The inability of your pet to travel with you on your next adventure is one of the worst parts of owning a pet. Finding someone to take care of your dog’s needs and eccentricities may be a stressful process, which is not something that you need when traveling on a business trip or taking a much-needed vacation.

The many kennels and dog boarding options might cause stress and strain for a man’s best friend. A lovable mutt constantly misses its person, whether for a minute or a night. When selecting the best daycare for your dog, it is critical to ask yourself, “What do I want my dog’s experience far from home to be like?” Practically speaking, the choice is between kennels and cages or neither.

In this article, we’ll explain the factors to consider when choosing the best pet boarding service for your dog and why cage-free boarding can be the best alternative for them. 

Physical Activity

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The amount of exercise your dog will get while playing and mingling with other dogs is by far the most significant advantage of leaving them in the safety of a cage-free environment.

All dogs, whether beagles, pointers, or retrievers, require exercise. Toy-free play is generally practiced in cage-free facilities, but any devoted dachshund or animated airedale will still put in a fine performance.

Dogs are sociable creatures, so finding entertainment gives them a positive outlet for mingling and exercising. The more room they have to move around, the more room they have for entertainment.

While kennels may offer a lot of playing and exercise, cage-free boarding offers a cozy setting created for dogs to interact with one another and the staff for an equal amount of time. When they are all exhausted and poop out, they have plenty of room to rest and refuel.


What kind of environment you would desire for your dog to reside in is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when selecting the best boarding service.

Every dog owner’s desire is for their pet to live in a secure environment that is safe during their absence and still offers monitoring and other requirements unique to dogs.

However, it does away with the crate and fences to provide a puppy the space and flexibility to interact with their other dogs in any way they see fit. For people who become restless in confined spaces, cage-free dog sitting is ideal because of its open nature.

Not many dogs react favorably to such a public setting, though. An open environment gives dogs who are dog-social and dog-tolerant the chance to practice good social skills and learn how to play nicely with less outgoing breeds and playmates.

It could be required to provide additional supervision for socially reserved canines. There might be a need for a different solution for dogs that exhibit hostility against other canines. A cage-free pet boarding can be the best option for your dog if they do well in open areas and around other people.


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The surroundings and experience go hand in hand. It is an equally crucial factor to take into account while picking the best pet boarding service for your dog. The same question we posed at the beginning of this blog post still stands: “What do I want my dog’s experience away from home to feel like?”

When a dog is boarded in a kennel with cages, its experience will be limited by the size of the crate, kennel, or cubby they will be staying in for whatever long. Similar to people, the experience can quickly go from pleasurable to agonizing.

Dogs will have lots of room to spread out and be themselves in a cage-free environment, where they won’t have their social abilities, behavior, or life experiences molded in cramped quarters.

Even with no cages, a well-run boarding facility nevertheless offers enough supervision. The personnel must receive adequate instruction on how to communicate with and comprehend their canine cohorts as well as how they play. They must also ensure that the dogs are fed properly, given enough time to relax, and trained using positive reinforcement.


The owner’s expense is the most significant factor. The price of boarding as well as the available boarding alternatives must always be considered when selecting the best pet boarding service.

However, it goes beyond merely costs and being frugal. It also entails understanding the value of where the money you spend and the results it produces. Does your dog enjoy visiting their home away from home? Or do they dread the days and nights of yet another stay at the pet boarding facility?

The expression on your dog’s face as they leave for pet boarding may be more significant than their arrival. The goal is to make compensation for them, not to confine them for a set amount of time. A dog that spends most of its time outdoors is almost always happier than one that does not. Even just that aspect merits consideration when evaluating pricing.


If you have a dog, you’ve probably had to board them at some point during their life. While the boarding facility may vary in size, and the amenities available will also depend greatly on the animals being boarded there, what one gets from a cage-free boarding facility definitely better. In short, dogs don’t fare well in small spaces, and they benefit much more when provided with room to move around freely.

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