As pet owners, we all want to spend as much time with our furry friends as possible, but there are times when we simply can’t take them with us, such as when we have to travel. This can be a stressful experience for both us and our beloved pets, as we try to find someone to care for them while we’re away.

At Pets Are Inn, we understand your concerns and want to make your life easier. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll be discussing the many benefits of cage-free pet boarding. After reading this post, we hope you’ll consider choosing cage-free boarding for your pet the next time you need to make plans for your vacation.

What is a Cage-Free Pet Boarding Facility? 

Have you ever wondered what a cage-free pet boarding facility is? Unlike traditional pet boarding facilities that lock pets inside cages or kennels, cage-free boarding facilities allow pets to move around freely without feeling constrained. This means your furry friends can socialize and play with other pets, keeping them happy and entertained.

For dogs, being able to explore their surroundings is essential for their well-being, and being locked inside a cage can cause them to feel stressed and anxious. By choosing a cage-free pet boarding facility, you’ll give your pets the freedom they need to have a great time while you’re away from home.

Check out the following benefits of cage-free pet boarding. 


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Choosing a cage-free pet boarding facility offers a myriad of benefits for your furry friend, including ample exercise and socialization opportunities. However, it’s important to ensure that your pet is comfortable with socializing with other animals before enrolling them in a cage-free facility.

For instance, dogs require plenty of exercise, and a cage-free facility will allow them to participate in various activities such as walking or running around the yard or park, either on a leash or playing with other dogs. Since dogs are social animals, they need a healthy outlet to exercise and socialize at the same time. Additionally, the facility should have enough space for them to run and explore.

At a cage-free facility, your pet will enjoy a comfortable environment where they can play with other animals and staff. After they’ve expended all their energy, they’ll have a designated sleeping area to rest and sleep peacefully.


One of the key benefits of choosing a cage-free pet boarding facility for your furry friend is the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re in a safe and secure environment. Trained and professional staff will be on hand to attend to your pet’s every need and keep a watchful eye over them.

Unlike traditional boarding facilities that keep pets locked up in cages, cage-free facilities remove the cages and fences to allow pets to move around freely and play with other animals. This open environment provides ample space for your pet to play, socialize, and exercise. Dogs, in particular, are social animals and prefer open spaces where they can roam around and interact with other pets and staff.

While your pet is at the cage-free facility, the staff will supervise them at all times to ensure their safety and comfort. Any pets displaying aggression towards others will not be accepted to ensure the safety of all animals at the facility.


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When you leave your pet at a boarding facility, you want to ensure that they have a positive and enjoyable experience while you’re away. Traditional kennels or cages can be restrictive, limiting your pet’s space and freedom. To provide your pet with the best experience possible, consider a cage-free boarding facility.

At a cage-free facility, your pet will have plenty of room to roam, play, and interact with other pets. This open space will allow them to express themselves freely, without feeling confined or limited to a small space. They’ll be able to socialize and have fun, which is crucial for their physical and mental health.

In addition to the open space, a cage-free boarding facility will provide trained and knowledgeable staff who understand how to handle different types of pets. Your pet will receive proper supervision to ensure they eat, rest, and sleep well while receiving lots of love and care.

By choosing a cage-free pet boarding facility, you’re providing your furry friend with a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience while you’re away. They’ll have plenty of space to play and interact with others, ensuring that they have the time of their lives while you’re away.

Boarding Costs 

When considering a pet boarding facility for your furry friend, it’s important to not only look at the quality of care but also at the cost of boarding and any additional services offered.

It’s essential to ask about the total fees upfront and ensure there are no hidden costs that will be added later on. While cost is a significant factor, it’s also crucial to prioritize your pet’s experience. A cage-free pet boarding facility offers an open and spacious environment for your pet to play and socialize with other pets while under the supervision of trained professionals.

By choosing the right facility, you can have peace of mind that your pet is receiving the best care possible, all while staying within your budget.

Routine Schedule 

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Choosing a pet boarding facility means your pet will have a structured routine that will keep them healthy and happy. The facility will maintain a schedule for feeding, playtime, rest, and cleaning.

Your pet will have the opportunity to exercise and socialize with other pets and staff members. Caregivers will ensure that your pet has enough time to play, eat, rest, and sleep.

If your pet has special needs, the designated staff will provide them with their required food based on their dietary needs, give them their medication on time, and ensure they receive any necessary medical attention. Pets with allergies will be given special food and fresh water will always be available to keep them hydrated.


Owners who prioritize their privacy and security can benefit from utilizing cage-free pet boarding services. Hiring a pet sitter to care for your pet while you’re away requires giving them access to your home, keys, and security codes. This can lead to strangers entering and exiting your home without your knowledge. By bringing your pet to a pet boarding facility, you can avoid this situation and ensure that your home remains secure while you’re away.

Pets Are Inn provides cage-free pet boarding services in Plano, Texas. If you’re interested in our services, please feel free to reach out to us by sending a message through our contact form. You can also schedule an appointment for a meet and greet at our Plano office. We offer round-trip pickup and return for busy fur parents.

As a pet boarding facility that has been in business since 1994, we prioritize providing a safe and comfortable environment for our clients’ pets. Our services are kennel-free and cage-free, so your pet can enjoy the open space and interact with other pets and our staff. If you have any questions about our services, you can contact us by phone at 972-424-8400 or by email at Choose a reliable and trustworthy cage-free pet boarding facility like Pets Are Inn for your pet’s boarding needs.