If you are planning to go on a much-awaited vacation but are worried about your pet dog, who will be taking care of them while you are away? If you need help finding pet boarding facilities in Plano, Texas, you came to the right place. Here at Pets Are Inn, we will be sharing a blog post about everything you need to know about boarding your dog. If you are interested to know more information, make sure to keep scrolling below to find out.

What Are the Reasons Why You Should Board Your Pet While You are on Vacation?

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Safety is a major concern when it comes to boarding your pet. When you choose a pet boarding facility, you can rest assured that your pet will be safe and secure while you are away. They will not be left alone in your home, exposed to extreme temperatures, or at risk of getting injured.

A pet sitter or a trusted family member or friend can check on your pet, but they may not be able to spend enough time with them or monitor them as closely as a professional pet boarding facility. By choosing a reputable pet boarding facility, you can ensure that your pet is well taken care of and protected while you are away.

Food and Water 

When your pet is left alone at home, they can easily spill their food or water bowls and end up without sustenance for an extended period of time. This can be especially dangerous for pets with serious medical conditions that require consistent access to food and water.

If you opt to board them at a pet boarding facility, your pet dog will always have access to fresh, clean water and food during designated meal times, ensuring they are well taken care of while you are away.

Health Issues 

If your pet dog has any health issues, having someone come to visit or check on them once a day may not be sufficient. It is best for them to stay at a pet boarding facility where they can receive the necessary care and attention.

This way, you can rest assured that your pet will receive their medications on time and that someone will be available to handle any emergencies. Pet boarding facilities provide constant supervision and care, ensuring that your pet is not left alone for extended periods of time and that their special needs are met.


Your pet dog can become easily bored if they are alone in your home and no one will be spending time playing with them. At a pet boarding facility, they will be given attention and they can play with the staff and the other dogs. They will not be left alone inside a kennel or cage for a long time and will be allowed to roam around the facility. 


Leaving your pet at a kennel can cause them to become anxious and sad. At a pet boarding facility, they will be given their much-needed exercise. They will have walks, playtime, fetch, and other activities so they won’t feel lonely or bored. They will have fun and won’t feel anxious while you are away because they will be spending time with caring individuals. 

What Are the Questions to Ask a Pet Boarding Facility?

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Before choosing a pet boarding facility for your pet when going on a vacation, you must check first if they are a perfect choice. Here are the questions to ask a pet boarding facility before leaving your pet in their care. 

Is your facility cage-free or kennel-free?

If you will be away for a long time, having a pet confined inside a kennel or cage can be disheartening. It can also cause anxiety to your pet especially if you will be away for a long time. You must ask the pet boarding facility if they will allow your dog is allowed to roam around. 

Can I have a tour of your facility?

Before leaving your pet in a pet boarding facility you must first request a tour of their place. If they refuse or make excuses, that could mean they are hiding something. Having a tour of the facility will allow you to understand how they operate and take care of your pet when you leave them while you go on vacation.

What is included in the daily boarding fee?

It is important to ask about what is included in the daily boarding fee at a pet boarding facility. Do not assume that the fee will cover all of your pet’s needs during their stay. Find out if the facility will provide food or if you need to bring your own.

Some luxury pet boarding facilities may offer additional amenities for your pet, but these may come at an additional cost on top of the daily fee. Make sure to ask about these details before making a decision on where to board your pet.

What happens if there is an emergency?

If your pet becomes sick or injured during the stay, what is their policy for emergencies? You should check if the pet boarding facility has a standard operating protocol or checklist of what they will do in case of an emergency. 

How do you screen the dogs that come into the facility?

Before you leave your pet in their care, you must check if your pet will be safe while you are away. You must confirm if they have a screening process that will ensure the safety of the pets staying with them. For example, if your pet is aggressive, are they capable of handling your pet’s needs? 

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