It’s simple to overlook cat boarding when you’re preparing to leave town and believe that cats can pretty much take care of themselves while you’re away, perhaps with a little assistance from friends and family.

While leaving your cat at home alone may allow them to make it through your trip, there are numerous benefits to cat boarding that you should think about before you have to leave them again. Here are a few benefits of having your cat in a foster home while you are gone.

Ensures the safety of your cat

Although it might appear that your home’s interior would be fundamentally safe, there are several hidden risks that your cat might come across while you’re away.

When you’re home, your cat may merely play with hair ties, but when you’re gone, they may become frustrated and swallow one, causing an intestinal obstruction. Your cat can misjudge a jump and fracture a leg.

Even worse, someone might break into your home, inflict harm on your cat, or even just let them flee. You won’t have to be concerned about any of it with cat-sitting services. Your cat’s foster parents will feed, play with them, and cuddle them while you’re away, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Never worry about your cat running out of food or water

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You could leave a large bowl of food and water out for your cat to drink and eat from while you are gone for a few days, but what would prevent your cat from knocking the water bowl over after you are gone the first night?

Your cat might easily tip over their whole supply of water to drink unless they drink from the toilet or you have multiple bowls of water placed around the house.

Age-related renal illness affects around one in three cats, and even a brief absence of water—one or two days—can increase the risk of kidney stone formation or additional damage. Cat foster homes provide you with the assurance that your cat’s water bowl is always clean.

Provides the benefit of daily litter box cleaning

Due to their highly sensitive sense of smell, cats may completely avoid using the litter box if it is unattended for even a short period. Once your cat begins to steer clear of the litter box because of the scent, they may find a new preferred location to “go,” and it could be challenging to break the habit when you get back home.

One benefit of cat foster home services is daily litter box cleaning. Your cat won’t find a new place to use, like your laundry basket, because it will be happy to have a fresh litter box.

They get love and hugs

Even though cats like to be independent, they still require daily care and affection. Even though they are physically healthy if they are left alone at home for a few days, the event may have a significant psychological influence.

Your cat will receive daily affection, cuddling, and playtime while in a cat-sitting foster home, which will keep them happy and mentally engaged.

Since you kept them busy, they’ll be delighted to see you when you return to get them. Your cat would probably be angry with you and greet you very coldly if you returned after a few days of being alone and bored.

Cats do not enjoy traveling

The majority of cats don’t enjoy traveling, unlike dogs, who may be able to accompany you on your trip. The ordinary cat doesn’t enjoy a vehicle trip or a flight, and a new hotel room merely means more hiding places, as anyone who endured having to listen to their cat howl on their way to the vet can attest.

Your cat should be able to have a secure home as they are unable to go with you. Leaving them at home alone or bringing them with you are considerably riskier options. 

Lowers the likelihood of your cat fleeing

You might be tempted to leave your cat alone at home while hiring a pet sitter or paying a friend or relative to visit once or two times daily so they can check on your cat, feed them, fill up their water bowl, clean up their litter box, and show them some affection.

But you are never sure when the person you entrust with your cat would let them get away through the door in a whirl of terrified fur. Since it is unlikely that your cat will escape from their foster home, you can be sure that they will be waiting for you when you return from your trip to pick them up.

No stranger will enter your home

If you don’t have relatives or friends who can drop by to check on your cat, you might have to hire a pet sitter. Various applications let you hire a supposedly respectable pet sitter these days, but can you ensure they won’t steal your jewels or hold parties in your home while you’re gone?

With Pets Are Inn cat sitting services, you are only trusting others with your cat (which is a large enough responsibility) rather than your entire home.

There is no need to entrust a stranger with two of your most valuable possessions—your cat and your house—at once. Instead, place your lights on timers and put a hold on your mail to give the impression that someone is at home.

Frees up your friends and family

You undoubtedly have friends and relatives who have occasionally watched your cat, but it can be more of a hassle than they realize. Is it really “not very far out of the way” for a friend or relative to stop by your house on the way home from work to take care of your cat?

Although you would go above and above to help your friends and family, how inconvenient is it to need to do the same for them? By using cat-sitting services, you can avoid asking your friends and relatives to care for your cat while you’re away.

They would agree with looking after your cat, but are you willing to deal with whatever hidden displeasure they may have about doing you a favor?

Veterinary care and medication management

Unexpected diseases and accidents can happen. Cat sitting services make it possible for your cat to get medical attention faster than it would if you only had someone come to your house occasionally or each day to provide food for your cat and clean the litter box.

Pets Are Inn Pet sitting services have a connection to a 24-hour emergency vet. You might not want to trust your friends, relatives, or pet sitter with the care of your cat’s medication, which is something that a cat-sitting facility will do for your cat while you’re gone.

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