Do you ever wonder why cats love to squeeze into boxes?

Kitties are curious creatures by nature. They are predators/hunters.

Ever watch your kitty stalk her/his prey, then run back to the hiding place under a table or in a dark corner?

Cats need to sharpen their nails and stretch their bodies. Rather then your furniture, a cardboard box is a better alternative to dig their claws and get a good stretch. The sounds and emotions are just too good to pass up.

Cats are curious creatures and may still possess some of their wild instincts. Cats love quiet corners, boxes, dark spaces etc. Our kitty hid in our closed for several weeks after moving into a new home. Gradually she ventured out to investigate her new surroundings, but I found that she would hid in a dark corner of my closet whenever she wanted to nap.

Some animal behaviorists believe that a cat’s love for boxes could also be due to their need for an enclosed area. As a predator in an open space such as a home, boxes and dark corners provide these hunters with a safe resting ground- fulfilling their desire for a sense of security and comfort

Interesting to watch a cat stalk her/his prey, run back into the safe place only to emerge once again to stalk the prey.

Whoever said cats are uninteresting, never had a cat for a companion.