It can be tough for you to part with your canine friend even if it’s just for a few hours. Pet dogs bond very closely with their owners and there can be signs of anxiety or stress in them when there’s separation.

As a dog owner you may have experienced or heard about the inconveniences when it comes to traveling with dogs.

Not all travel destinations or countries are dog-friendly. Entry of dogs of guests in hotels may be restricted or prohibited and long quarantine periods will cause distress and anxiety to both the dog and its owner.

Equally tough is finding the right service provider who will look after your dog like you would do in your absence.

About us

Since 1994, Pets Are Inn has been meeting the discerning needs of dog owners in Plano.

Our operation is customer-centric and canine-friendly.

As pet lovers ourselves, we understand each and every need of your canine friend.

We empathise with you that one of the hardest and riskiest decisions to make when going on a long holiday or short vacation is to find a friendly and caring host.

We would like to assure you that the time your loved pet stays with us, it will become a second home!

Why us?

We aim to offer a perfect solution for your pet. We start with an open mind approach with the aim of giving you peace of mind.

Our dog-loving team will conduct extensive research and plan the host programme.

Our objective is the ensure that during your absence your pet dog stays and enjoys a stress-free, safe and comfortable host environment.

Hosting options

There’s no single solution for your pet’s well-being arrangements. Options for temporary hosting consideration include friends and family, traditional boarding in kennels, home boarding or even engaging the services of a pet sitter. Factors like age, health, and temperament of your dog are also factored in.

Caring for your dog

Alan and Donna of PetsAreInn will personally ensure that they find the perfect cage-free environment and caring host for your furry friend.

Our principles

PetsAreInn will never place your pet with just any host home randomly.

Only experienced pet owners who can spend time with your pet are with us.

We ensure the host knows about your pet’s personality, traits and likes and dislikes.

All the comforts of home

We ensure that the host will provide your pet with fullest attention and loving pet care services.

Donna and her team have many years of experience of caring for a wide variety of dogs with diverse personalities and demands. As genuine pet lovers, we also cater to pets with special needs.

We will make appropriate or specific hosting arrangements for dogs that like open space or quieter environs for the shy or older types if requested.

Veterinary services

Our services include qualified veterinary supervision for boarding or sitting for your dog. We keep a close watch on your pet’s activity and health condition, promptly take action and use the services of a doctor when the need arises or if there’s a SOS situation.

Exercise and Nutrition

Staff at PetsAreInn will ensure that your pet gets to exercise regularly.

Exercise and stimulation are vital for any dog’s development, physical, and mental well-being.

We know that a stimulated dog is less likely to pick up destructive behaviors and good nutrition is equally important for your dog’s health.

Other services

As a discerning pet owner, if you are not keen on traditional kennel or pet-sitting services; you can trust Pets Are Inn for unique pet services that provide a surrogate boarding home for as long as you want.

Pet anxiety

We understand dogs quite well and are fully aware that it can sometimes be difficult to predict exactly what will make your dog anxious in your absence. We keep that aspect on the top-of-our-minds and ensure your pet is stress-free.

Connect with us for best options

Give us a call at 972-424-8400 to explore more about our pet boarding services in Plano. You can also make an appointment for a meet and greet. We also provide you with the convenience of round-trip pick-up and return.