Canine Stress Colitis

Some causes of stress are: Moving to a new home, introducing a new member the the household, major/sudden change in weather, loud or unusual noises can cause stress in our pets.

Occasion stress is not usually serious but excessive or prolonged stress weakens a dog’s immune system. It may be relieved by spending more time with your pet or increasing exercise while maintaining the rest of your pets normal daily routine.

Stress is a major cause of colitis. Colitis is an inflammation of the large intestine. A dog with colitis will usually show frequent, small volumes of semi-formed or liquid feces with small amounts of bright red blood near the end of defecation.

Treatment of stress-induced colitis includes fasting, water only, bland diet followed by slow re-introduction of normal diet. Drugs may be indicated based on your dog’s diagnosis. the pet is usually back to normal in three to five days.

When your pet must be exposed to a stressful situation, think of how to reduce the length or amount of stress you will subject him to. They can handle stress, just be thoughtful. If you cannot take your pet on a trip with you, make certain that he is with someone that will mimic his normal routine as much as practical.