Interesting facts about the Maine Coon Cat

  • The male Maine Coon can weigh 20-25 lbs. and is considered the largest cat breed in America. This male cat although very large, is a gentle and very loving cat.
  • This breed does not generally meow, instead they chirp if they spot a prey or Trill when happy.
  • They have water-resistant fur and are good swimmers. The female Maine Coon is much smaller in size. We took care of a female Maine Coon who loved to jump into a sink full of water or join her family in a shower.
  • Maine Coon is thought to be the only Show cat breed originated in America
  • They are highly social and love human interaction. They love children and are very playful.
  • If interested in adopting a Maine Coon, contact one of the Maine Coon rescue organizations around the US for more information and fees.

People have asked about their history. Several stories around about this breed. Here are two of them

1.Marie Antoinette —As legend has it, The Queen was escaping from a war in France. She loaded a ship with her prize possessions. Of her prize possessions were her 6 long hair cats. Queen Marie Antoinette had plans to travel to America and hide but was assassinated on the day of her escape.

The captain of the ship was said to have built a house for the Queen in America had no choice but to set sail for America without the Queen. He brought all her possessions including the cats and kept them in the house he built for in Wiscasset, Maine. The captain cared for the cats but let them wonder outside. Eventually

They bred with the local short haired cats and their off- springs were thereafter classified as the breed Main Coon.

2.Captain Charles COON — This is a story of an English seaman named Charles Coon, and his avid love for cats and collecting them. Apparently, Captain Coon had a ton of cats on-board his ship as he sailed, and when he finally docked his ship back home in New England, his long-haired cats had the chance to explore on land, mating with the local short-haired cats. The day a long-haired kitten was first sighted in town, locals began calling them Coon’s Cats.