Just the thought of not having your pet with you on holiday by itself is a mood dampener. And to leave your pet dog behind can be one of the hardest and riskiest decisions to make when going on a long holiday or short vacation.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to leave pets behind as many tourist destinations or hotels don’t accept accompanying pets like dogs belonging to guests.

So, a temporary hosting arrangement has to be made for your pet/s. Your first priority is to find a suitable and safe service provider. The first question that comes across: Where do I find a pet boarding service near me?

For peace of mind, meticulous planning and research is required to ensure the right hosting arrangement can be made so that during your absence your pet dog stays in a stress-free, safe and comfortable environment.

After all, you want to be cent per cent assured that your cherished pet is in safe hands and well looked after during your absence.

Actually, a lot of decisions will depend on the personality, temperament, age and health condition of your pet and in particular the type of environment it has been accustomed to.

Options for temporary hosting consideration include friends and family, traditional boarding in kennels, home boarding or even engaging the services of a pet sitter.

For convenience and logistics you will normally choose a pet boarding or sitting facility near your home.

Pet sitting is usually recommended as an ideal option for multi-pet households or pets that are elderly or seem to exhibit anxious tendencies when placed in unfamiliar territory or those dogs that get distressed or uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.

If you are living in Plano or in surrounding areas, then look no further for a dependable dog boarding service provider near you.

Since 1994, Pets Are Inn has been servicing the discerning needs of dog owners in Plano. Our operation is customer-centric and very friendly.

Over the years we have built up a loyal clientele and we can boast of very high retention rates. In fact, we have been rated very high by Google.

The way we operate makes things easier for you and your favorite pet.

To ensure the utmost care, happiness, and safety for your pet, Alan and Donna of Pets Are Inn will personally ensure that they find the perfect cage-free environment and meet the each and every individual need of your furry friend.

Our team members at Pets Are Inn strictly adhere to several time-tested and proven principles. For starters, Pets Are Inn will never place your pet with just any host home randomly.

They will interview and get to know both the pet owner and spend time with the pet in order to fully understand its personality, traits and likes and dislikes. This aspect helps in fine tuning the preparations for dog sitting or boarding during the period of absence of its owner.

Once the team is satisfied with the inputs, they will move forward and find the best boarding facility near you for your furry friend.

For Pets Are Inn, it becomes a mission when it comes to selecting the ideal host family for boarding or sitting for your dog. We ensure that the host will provide your pet with fullest attention and loving pet care services as you would desire.

Donna and her team have many years of experience of caring for a wide variety of dogs with diverse personalities and demands. As genuine pet lovers, the active couple generously opened their home and their hearts to pets even with special needs.

Team members of Pets Are Inn welcome dog owners with specific medical requirements or needs a tranquil atmosphere for any reason. We will take on the responsibility of boarding your friend until you return.

That’s not all, if you are not keen on traditional kennel or pet-sitting services; you can trust Pets Are Inn for their unique pet services that provide a surrogate boarding home for as long as you want.

Our services include qualified veterinary supervision for boarding or sitting for your dog. We even make appropriate or specific hosting arrangements for dogs that like open space or quieter environs for the shy or older types.

Give us a call at 972-424-8400 to explore more about our pet boarding services in Plano. You can also make an appointment for a meet and greet. We also provide you with the convenience of round-trip pick-up and return.