In home dog boarding

If you are looking for safe and secure short or medium term dog boarding facilities for your furry friend in Plano while you are away on short vacation or long holidays, then you have come to the right place.

As a dog owner you are aware of the inconveniences when it comes to traveling with dogs – especially when flying or traveling to different countries. And to leave your dog behind can be one of the hardest and riskiest decisions to make when going on a long holiday or short vacation. Some travel destinations will not allow dogs of guests and some entry ports of countries will insist on long quarantine periods causing distress and anxiety to the dog and its owner.

It can be distressing for both the dog and its owner if the pet hasn’t been treated well during its temporary dog boarding facility in absence of its owner. Finding the perfect service provider can be time consuming and cumbersome. It requires meticulous research and follow-ups. You can avoid the hassles when you connect with us for dog boarding arrangements.

Pets Are Inn has been in this business since 1994 and provides the perfect solution for you and your dog while you are traveling or unavailable for short periods.

We invite you to give us the opportunity to acquaint your pet with someone who is fully prepared to pamper your dog in a private home with one-on-one attention. We provide more than basic supervision and care needs for your furry pet. When you choose Pets Are Inn, your dog will enjoy a memorable experience around people who genuinely care.

Home pet boarding in Plano is strongly recommended as an ideal option for multi-pet households or pets that are elderly or seem to exhibit anxious tendencies when placed in unfamiliar territory or those dogs that find them out of place in new places.

There are several factors to consider depending on the temperament, health and age of your dog. Options for temporary boarding include friends and family or with traditional boarding service providers who offer kennels or cages and host home boarding.

Our groundwork begins with understanding in detail each dog owner and we spend time with the dog in order to get a feel of its personality, traits and likely demands during the period of absence of its owner.

Once we are assured that we know the dog well enough, we will move forward and find the best boarding host for your dog. We pre-select the dog boarding hosts very carefully and ensure the services provided by them are exactly what your dog needs and more.

For us it becomes a mission in choosing the ideal host family that will provide your pet with the attention and loving pet care services as you would desire

Donna and her team at Pets Are Inn have extensive experience of caring for a wide variety of dogs with diverse personalities and demands. As genuine pet lovers, the active couple generously opened their home and their hearts to dogs even with special needs. The last thing you would want your pet to be mistreated or get stressed with anxiety when kept in an insecure environment like a warehouse full of dogs.

For convenience, logistics and peace of mind you will prefer to choose a reliable and well-known dog boarding or sitting facility near your home in Plano. That’s where we come in and take care of your requirements for your dog’s boarding arrangements.

It’s no secret that dog boarding is usually recommended as an ideal option for single or multi-pet households. Dogs with anxious tendencies are comforted by the host boarders and encouraged to mingle freely and play with hosts’ dogs.

Team members of Pets Are Inn welcome dog owners with specific medical requirements or needs a tranquil atmosphere for any reason. We will take on the responsibility of boarding your friend until you return. That’s not all, if you are not keen on traditional boarding services; you can trust Pets Are Inn for their unique pet services that provide a surrogate home for as long as you want.

Our service package includes veterinary supervision during the boarding period of your dog to ensure the pet remains in top of its health and spirits.

Give us a call at 972-424-8400 to explore more about our pet lodging services in Plano. You can also make an appointment for a meet and greet in our Plano office. We also provide you with the convenience of round-trip pick-up and return.