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We understand there are times when your beloved pet will not be able to accompany you on your journey. While you may be tempted to take your furry family member with you on vacation, animals are often not welcome at tourist attractions, and no one will be around to care for the pet during the day. Having to fly across the state or across the country brings a complex set of problems.

Flying with a pet in tow can be both costly and time-consuming. At one time, your only option was boarding your special friend at a local kennel. We are the #1 Alternative for boarding your pet while you are away. They will have all the comforts of home.

Pets Are Inn provides the perfect solution for you and your pet while you are traveling. Our specialized pet services mean there are, no kennels, no stress, and no strangers in your home while you are away. Give us the opportunity to acquaint your pet with someone who is fully prepared to pamper your pet in a private home with one-on-one attention. We provide more than basic supervision and care needs. When you choose Pets Are Inn, your pet will enjoy a memorable experience romping and playing in a cage-free setting around people who genuinely care.

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Our Unique Doggie B & B Host families:

Daily fees for Pets Are Inn Services:

Feel free to ask us about fees related to caring for your exotic pet

Servicing Plano, Allen, Richardson, N.Dallas, Frisco & McKinney

Never Have to Worry
Great job as always! We never worry about our pet when she is with Pets Are Inn. Renee P
Expert Job…
“Did a weekend test-run to see how my pups would adjust to their first time away from home. They had such a great time with their critter-sitter, they’ll soon be going back for a week-long stay. It is wonderful to leave the details to Al & Donna, who do an...
Strongly Recommend…
“I only trust my dogs to pets are inn for boarding. I have two. They are happy to go and come back extremely happy. I know they are getting the best care available when I am away. I want my pets to have the most close-to-home experience while I’m gone...
Our First Choice…
“We LOVE pets are inn and the service they provide for our wheaten terrier, June bug! we know she will be part of a family and well attended. she comes back to us relaxed and happy to see us, showing no signs of exhaustion or anxiety. we also enjoy reading...
Love this Business!
“Love this Business! Had to leave town for a quick trip and couldn’t take our newly adopted dog with us. We didn’t want to leave her in a Kennel atmosphere. They pick up your pet and deliver to a host family that plays, walks & loves your pet while you...
Provides a Sense of Comfort…
“My family has been using Pets Are Inn since I was in high school in the ’80s! Their service provides a sense of comfort that you are continuing to treat your pet like a family member even when you are on vacation. No kennels. Your pet is treated with respect...
Love Pets Are Inn
We do not have any comments, questions or suggestions because our experience with Pets Are Inn Plano is just exceptional!
Love the Service
I don’t have any suggestions. You all do an amazing job. I really like how you place guests in the same home repeatedly. Everyone gets comfortable with each other. Its easier on the guest.
There’s No Place Like Home… except Pets Are Inn
In today’s age, there are numerous “pet care” options, with Pets are Inn, Al and Donna deliver a superior service, one that truly provides, loving, personalized pet care. If our Logan Blue isn’t at home, you’ll find him enjoying his stay with Pets are Inn.
Alta is amazing!
Alta is amazing! She’s always on time and so nice. She and her husband take great care of Ginger.! We love Al and Donna too!. Appreciate the quick responses and personal care. Thank you KZ

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