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Dog Food Recalls for February 2019

Several Dog food companies are recalling their dog food. Check the list below to see if you have any of these potential brands in your pantry. .Blue Buffalo voluntarily recalls one lot of Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain recipe, Red Meat Dinner Wet Food for Adult Dogs due to potential health

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Why do Cats Love Boxes?

Do you ever wonder why cats love to squeeze into boxes? Kitties are curious creatures by nature.  They are predators/hunters. Ever watch your kitty stalk her/his prey, then run back to the hiding place under a table or in a dark corner? Cats need to sharpen their nails and stretch

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The Maine Coon Cat AKA the Gentle Giant

Interesting facts about the Maine Coon Cat The male Maine Coon can weigh 20-25 lbs. and is considered the largest cat breed in America.  This male cat although very large, is a gentle and very loving cat. This breed does not generally meow, instead they chirp if they spot a

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Is Popcorn Safe for My Dog?

Nothing brings more joy to most dogs than helping you clean up after movie night. Popcorn always finds its way into couch cushions and onto the floor, where our dogs are happy to “clean” them up. The question most of us forget to ask ourselves, however, is can dogs eat

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News About Pets and Autism

Autism affects 1 out of 88 children in the US. Science shows that interacting with animals may have big health benefits. Pets can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, increase the amount of exercise people get and decrease stress. Now the study further shows that pets can calm a child

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The Proper Way to clean your dog’s ears

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As with humans, dogs ears need to be cleaned once a week. Some breeds are prone to ear infections and those breeds need the ear cleaning more frequently. Groomers and vets are the first people we think of when we need to have our furry family member’s ears cleaned. Why

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What is Canine-Stress Colitis?

Canine Stress Colitis Some causes of stress are: Moving to a new home, introducing a new member the the household, major/sudden change in weather, loud or unusual noises can cause stress in our pets. Occasion stress is not usually serious but excessive or prolonged stress weakens a dog’s immune system.

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